Mainstream after-school care for students with Autism 

With 29 years of experience in supporting individuals with Autism, we have witnessed the challenges that many of our learners face in their transformative journey in primary schools

Our after-school care program is specifically designed to address these critical challenges. Through a holistic approach, we empower your child to flourish in various aspects of their development.

Come for our open house to see our centre and hear from our therapists and teachers.

We are ready to start the after school learning journey with your child.

Not your usual after school care

We plan our after school activities with one goal: to raise a learner with autism to become the best version of themself.

If you want to learn more about our after school program, click on the buttons below to learn about specific activities your child might participate in in our after-school care.

Social and Community Skills (SC)

Teaches learners how to follow social rules, identify safe people to talk to, set physical boundaries, deal with bullying, and use money safely and responsibly. We use role-playing, games, and group discussions to teach these skills, and we provide parents and caregivers with resources and support.

Friendship Skills (FS)

Teaches learners how to engage in age-appropriate activities with peers, start conversations, keep conversations going, and identify good friends. We teach learners how to find common interests with others, how to listen and ask questions, and how to read social cues. We also teach children how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way and how to be supportive friends.

Academic Skills Development & Learning Support (ADLS)

Support learners to effectively complete their daily homework, develop good learner repertoires (comprehension of target instructions, problem solving and asking for help when necessary etc.), revise subjects and prepare for tests, develop test-taking skills, set subject revision schedules, and to set academic goals. We believe that by developing these essential skills, we can help our learners to reach their full potential and achieve academic success.

Emotion Recognition and Self-Management Skills (ERS)

Teaches learners how to identify their emotions through personal experience, sharing and journaling of significant events/emotions, role-playing and problem-solving emotionally evocative scenarios, and coping strategies such as journaling, reporting, creating, and accessing safe space

After school care program

The team

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Candy Lee


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Alex Lim

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Johnny Fok

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Eve Tang

Case Manager

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M-F: 1pm – 6:00pm


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Open house details

Date: 4th November 2023

Time: 2 – 5 pm

*Participants in our open house will receive free classes and discounted prices on classes for the next semester year.

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