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We stand with parents of autistic children in their crucial role of nurturing their children’s educational and social development. We understand the delicate balance they face, juggling the academic demands of school and fostering their children’s social and communication skills.

Our after-school care program is specifically designed to address these important challenges. Through a holistic approach, we empower your child to flourish in various aspects of their development.


MOE mainstream autistic-focused student care centre in Singapore to - change to Autism


Unparalleled learner to therapist/teacher ratio of 2:8


We are a team of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), psychologists, behavior therapists, and special needs educators. Or “ the only after school program in Singapore led by a team of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), psychologists, behavior therapists, and special needs educators”

Founded 2012

We started our business by providing language services to adults in Singapore. Our plan to include helping autistic children started after the birth of our son.

Our son was born in 2012 and was diagnosed with autism in 2016.  The news hit us hard, and we asked many people for advice. People with the best intentions often give us conflicting advice, usually based on personal experience or from someone they know. It was not clinical, and often missed out on many important details.

Finding passionate early intervention teachers is tough. So back in 2017, we decided to start a website to help parents find the best for their autistic child, from swim coaches to music teachers or someone who can help them academically. It was a simple website nothing too fancy.

In 2019, when my son started primary school, we realised that there are no after school care centres that focus solely on mainstream autistic children. There are after school care centres that handles autistic kids and also handle kids of various disorders. This arrangement is not the best as they may neglect a child on the higher spectrum to do well academically. That’s when we decided to start Starlight centre and we specialise in caring for kids at the higher end of the spectrum using clinical-based teaching approach to train them to excel socially and academically.

First mainstream autistic-focused after school care

When our son started primary school in 2019, I realized there was a gap in after-school care for autistic children. Existing centers catered to neurotypical learners, which meant that autistic children and their unique learning needs could be overlooked. To address this need, we founded Starlight Center in partnership with ISADD (Intervention Service for Autism and Developmental Delay), Singapore’s pioneer intervention service provider for individuals with Autism and their team of highly qualified professionals. With our expertise, we are able to provide unparalleled support for autistic children in their academic journey using an evidence-based teaching approach to help them excel socially and academically.

The team

Alex Lim

Alex Lim


Candy Lee

Candy Lee

Centre Manager

Johnny Fok

Johnny Fok

Clinical Director

Eve Tang

Eve Tang

Head Therapist

Our Mission

To provide quality after school curriculum support for special needs children from Pathlight or mainstream primary school.

Our Vision

To improve the academic standard of Autism children in the MOE curriculum by providing quality after-school curriculum support to achieve happy and well-adjusted school-going children.

school hours

M-F: 1pm – 6:00pm


20 Kramat Lane #05-05 Singapore 228773




+65 6589 8582

Ken Tang
Ken Tang
A Special Place for Special Needs: Starlight After School CareStarlight After School Care with Autism specializes in providing tailored education for children like my son. Their customized approach has helped him transition from challenging behaviors to positive ones, fostering his growth and development. I'm relieved to see him eager and happy to attend school and student care every day, especially after a negative experience with a previous after-school program. Starlight After School Care has truly made a difference in our lives.

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