Your rocket guide to the first day of school

Stay on top of things

Set a schedule

Be an optimist

Be an optimist

All children can pick up on their parents’ anxiety. If you can keep yours in check, it will help your child stay more calm on that all-important first day and through the school year. Don’t worry; the years of EIP programs you did with your child has prepared him and you for the day. Pack lightly and wait for further instructions after day 1 in school

Create a schedule

Create a daily school schedule for your child. You may not know the exact routine, but even walking through one day may make your child feel more at ease. If possible, ask your case manager to acquire the present year’s schedule before your tour and have your visit at the school follow that schedule.

Stay on top of things

After the school year begins be on top of your child’s progress. Make contact with all of your child’s instructors in the first few weeks of school. This enables you to track how your son or daughter is progressing and lets school staff know you are interested and invested in your child’s success.

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